TJC Host changed its name to CW.Center

True Jesus Church Head of the Missionary Group of the Taipei Regional Office asked TJC Host to stop using words like “TJC” and “True Jesus Church”. He thinks that the use of these words may make people think that TJC Host is set up by the True Jesus Church General Assembly in Taiwan. We believe that TJC Host is completely legitimate, but we uphold the spirit of mutual help and mutual trust in the God. So we agreed to stop using the words “TJC” and “True Jesus Church” to avoid disputes.

TJC Host changed its name to “CW.Center”, meaning “Christian Web Center”. The new domain name is the same as the platform name, “”.

After the renamed we extend our service to all Christians. Hoping to help all Christians build and maintain websites with ease, and share information to massive audience with the website!

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